Month: March 2016

Adding a Twist

The initial layout plans showed all track at the same level. The addition of different elevations for trackwork adds lots of visual interest, so we wanted to try and add some grades and elevation separation. Adding a twist to the original turn back track plan will allow the mainline tracks to cross over themselves. The tracks on the wall side of the layout will be raised approximately 4 inches above the tracks at the front of the layout.

Version 3 of the layout plan:


A few more iterations of the location of the crossover to allow for appropriate track grades resulted in the following plan:


This plan includes a turnout for an industry within the turn back curve. The current proposal is to include a sawmill at this location.


A 3D rendered view of the turn back curve:



Turn Back Curve Construction

During the January 9th working session construction progressed on the benchwork for the turn back curve near the entrance doorway to the layout room. This will be one of the first scenes that visitors will see when they visit the layout.